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 Exemptions on W-4 for single person?
I am single and used to claim 0 exemptions on my W-4 form. However, I was getting SO much money back at tax time that I changed to 1 exemption. I STILL get a ton of money back at tax time (just a ...

 Question about Federal 1040 form.?
I applied for a federal loan (to attend my university) but it says I need a copy of my Federal 1040 before everything can be processed. What is the 1040? Is this just a document I can print off, fill ...

 do I have to use my company-sponsored dependent daycare flexible spending account?
do I have to use my company-sponsored dependent daycare flexible spending account or can I just file my deduction when it's tax time?

the reason I'm asking is because it is ...

 am NRI having Ordinary fixed Deposit ,how can I avoid TDS? I dont have any other income in India?

 How can I minimise business tax?

 Anyone have a delayed federal tax refund for Jan. 29, 2010?
I filed my taxes and everything was accepted an processed. I was due a refund and the status on the IRS website says that my refund was scheduled to be deposited today, Jan. 29th, 2010. But, I called ...

 What time usually does the IRS deposit our refunds into our accounts?
Just wanna know what time usually they go through on friday. I need the money so bad by like 6pm friday ill freak if its not there. Does anyone have the answer.
Additional Details
Last ...

 Did anyone get the Stimulus check yet and if so what is your last 2 digits? Mine is 02 and I haven't got mine
does it depend on the bank?
Additional Details
I am qualified, I got the letter and I have 2 dependents, I filed in January and I alway do direct deposit. Some people got theirs over ...

 My employer keeps pushing back my pay date and it's going on 7 weeks since my last paycheck, what can I do?
I've been working for this road side assistance company for a year now and this isn't the first time this has happened. They say they went through a change of company name and payroll is ...

 IRS Tax Refund Delay?
I E-filed my taxes on Jan 19th. IRS initially said I should expect deposit on Jan 30. My mother and sister both received their refunds today, Jan 28 and we all filed the same day. Now the IRS says my ...

 Has anyone received their tax refund direct deposit today?
january 30th?...

 Is it too late to get my tax refund from 2007?
Last year, I worked at Target over the holiday. I was only 17 and didn't make much money, so I didn't worry about filing for taxes or whatever. But I was just looking back through those ...

 what's the deadline for submitting the tax return?

 15,000 tax credit for all home buyers?
Bought in July, 08. Just heard the news about the 15K. Is this an amendment to the 7,500 or is this just for purchases in 2009? I also read this is to be used for down payment only, 10% of purchase ...

 can you please help adding 8.25% tax to a purchase?
i have to add 8.25% tax to 123.95. what will the price be with the 8.25% added?
Additional Details
thanks ...

 can i claim my 15 years old brother as my tax dependent?
i already posted a lot of questions here and many did not understand my questions. I already put all the necessary details and still i did not get the appropriate answer. I am single and I want to ...

 It's 11.40 Am here in the UK, What time is it where you are?
And what are you doing?...

 I want to file my own taxes this year, but my parents are fighting with me not to... how do I convince them?
I am 24 years old, I have been working full time for the past 8 months. I live with them and they pay for my car and insurance, but with my income, I pay for my school (I got part time) and my own ...

 Why won't our 21 yr old daughter receive rebate from the IRS?
Yes, she is a dependent but she paid over a thousand dollars in income tax in 2007. Why would the IRS exclude college students from the rebate program?? They need the $!...

 Are there any states in the U.S that don't have State tax.?
i'm talking about income tax, like what you pay at the end of the year. i was told Wyoming doesn't have state income tax, but are there any others?...

Lauren ashton
what happens if you dont pay aarons rental and you dont return their merchandise?

kathy r
If you are asking if they will sue you, probably not. But they will report you to the credit agencie and harrass you, your family, and anyone you put down as a reference

They'll most likely report to collections who will either take legal action to get you to pay or send Repo after you for the stuff.

Ryan M
Easy, they come and repo the items and ruin your credit. Getting "rent-to-own" merchandise was your first mistake....stiffing them will be your biggest.

You would open yourself to collection and criminal legal action. You do realize by not returning their property you are stealing, don't you?

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