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 H&R Block or Turbo Tax?
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What time usually does the IRS deposit our refunds into our accounts?
Just wanna know what time usually they go through on friday. I need the money so bad by like 6pm friday ill freak if its not there. Does anyone have the answer.
Additional Details
Last year I got it the same day it was deposited. I hope I get it I need it bad on Friday.

AngelEyes, I'm all about doing sticking it to Republic Bank--let's get started. Tell us all how to get the ball rolling...I also was skeptical when I called and spoke to a CSR @ Republic Bank and all they could tell me was 1-4 days. I asked what time Thursday the funds were transferred to my account and they gave me the exact time their tax status website updated. I mean I'm not stupid, I know it may take a few hours to get everything done, but there's no way they could have updated information AND transferred my funds at the exact same time.

I used tax act and it was suppose to be deposited today.
Regions bank says no pending tax ck yet
who knows!

Bank of America usually doesn't post until early morning - 6am. I use to bank with Washington Mutual - now Chase and they would post at midnight. My friend has Chase hers posted midnight Wednesday! I have b of a, and am waiting as well. Good luck to everyone!

I have reions too still no luck probaly by 6 am or 5 am regions has always been a slow bank

Crystal R
It's 11:30am I live in California I have Bank of America and still nothing from the Irs... it was suppose to be here today... anyone else having this problem with bank of america?

I called BOA to find out if it has been deposited yet they said no but to check back around 3pm cause the IRS has access to it 24/7 and can deposit it later on today.

I was supposed to receive my return today but received and e-mail from turbo-tax's bank who handle deposits (meta bank) that stated that they expected to receive the refund today but they got nothing. And since the IRS only deposits refunds on Fridays, I have to wait another week. When I checked with the IRS the said they were still processing it and 1 should receive it by Feb 9. That is the government for you. According to turbo tax, my return was submitted, processed and accepted by January 17 so my direct deposit date was supposed to be today. In conclusion, do not expect your returns to be on time.

Tim N
I want everyone to know that it's 5:04 am (1/29) here in IL. My DD post to my bank (MetaBank) about 20 minutes ago. There is hope!

its 3:35 AM here in Missouri, still nothing in my account. Grr...it better be there at 6....

i have a california BOA account also and have not received anything either. im getting worried because its supposed to be in thee and my roommate with a BOA in new mexico received his. any info would be helpful

OMG! I thought I was the only one in distress! I use a credit union nothing yet...but feel better at least I'm not alone!

im with wachovia and i'm a lil worried cuz my pay check was dep. ten min ago but not tax refund. ima check 1 more time b4 i go 2 bed. i know 1 thing if i dont get my maxima 2mor ima SCREEAAMM

Angel Eyes
It's NOT the IRS- it IS Republic Bank! I spoke with some idiot from their refund department over the phone today (866)581-1040, and the lady was brutally nasty with me on the phone, and so was her coworker she threw me on the phone with, pretending he was her manager. They both stated it would take 1-4 business days before it posts to my account. BULL! They couldn't even provide me with a tracking number simply because they still have everyone's money! Last year, my DD was in my account several hours after the IRS sent it. When you ask them for a trace # for the Western Reserve, they act like they're absolutely stupid and have no idea what you're talking about. So, I filed a complaint with the Western Reserve today and also the Comptroller of the Currency. Even my tax preparer told me on the phone today that Republic bank were being completely AWFUL to deal with to other consumers as well!
In the meantime, Call Katherine at the Republic Bancorp Corporate Office in Louisville, KY: (866)491-1040 and her extension is: 1745. She is the one who provides trace #s to locate your direct deposit- you can call your bank's manager and ask for them to use that number so they can post the dd to your account sooner. Whatever you do, EVERYONE, do NOT use the system for taking out fees from your refund, simply because it has to go through another bank/crook before you even see it, IF you even see it!!
I say we all file a class action law suit again Republic Bank! Interest for holding our money (because they cannot provide a trace # for our direct deposits because they DIDN'T EVEN DEPOSIT IT!), and sue for damages! I am contacting an attorney first thing in the morning.. They have screwed with my money for the 1st and LAST TIME! I've NEVER had this problem with SBB! They ALWAYS had my money in my account the very minute they received it!

All in favor of a class action law suit?? We don't have to pay anything, nor do we have to live near each other to sue- we can all collect for damages!

I am waiting still its 11:38 pm crossing my fingers i have bank of america!!!!

Some time today or early (Midnight-ish) tomorrow.

If you have a bank like USAA that allows you to use pending deposits you will see it tomorrow. If you have a bank that processes quickly than Friday. If you have a bank that holds deposits, like BofA did to use before we switched to USAA, then by Tues.

This is one of the thing people really need to do more research in when choosing a bank. But it is really not a thing anyone thinks about. BofA held our tax return for over a week because 'they needed to verify it' or some crap like that, because it was an unusual deposit. (We are military so our pay is very regular and the same amount all the time, okay get that. BUT it was from the IRS! Duh!)

Good luck! Hope you get you return ASAP, I've been there.

I keep looking at our bank acct and no deposit yet from irs. Has anyone received their's from irs yet?

Update: We bank with Navy Federal Credit Union, no dep as of yet, it's 2 am here.

I have the same problem but I talked to my bank and they say as soon as it is deposited into that account I have access to it. I have no idea how the TT card acts I almost did it but got to scared lol

It is POSSIBLE to get a refund by DD on fri. I am 100% sure the past 3 years I recieved my money on the friday it was supposed to be deposited. It was always there when I would check the ATM on my way to work (6:30 AM). To make sure I checked the date on previous yrs bank statement. So it is definitely possible to get a dd on a fri. Some banks can take a couple days to post a DD it, but there are a lot (all I've banked at) that post DD's quickly.
I have never got my refund on any companies debit card, but I would assume they would want to make their products as quick as a regular DD can be!?!?

*** I just went to check the ATM (at 12:26 AM PCT on 1/29) and my funds are already available. Great i've never checked right around midnight!!

Jay C
it's 12:50 and I'm still waiting. The IRS site actually said it would be deposited on the 26th, but then found out pretty quick that they only issue returns on Fridays. Now my 'where's my return' status on irs.gov says 'your return was deposited into your account on 1/26" - didn't see it then and i'm not seeing it yet. But it seems like since none of you have gotten it yet then maybe (HOPEFULLY) they'll send out the funds by early morning. If any of y'all get your money, let the rest of us know!!!

The wonderer
I have Wachovia, it is 10:20AM EST for me, and nothing!

irs said my tax check was to be dd on the 29th also still no luck i back with regions anyone else?

Anybody have wachovia?

Janet J
Irs sends out all deposits to banks at midnight tomorrow. Good luck

Jeremiah Wilson
Last year (2009) my IRS Direct Deposit date was Jan 30th (Friday). According to my USAA bank statement, I actually received the deposit on Jan 29th (Thursday). As of my writing this, it's 12:07am, Jan 29th and I have still not received my direct deposit from the IRS.

I too am anxious to get the money in my account as I am planning to buy my wife a Mini-Van. I bank with USAA and they are pretty good about getting my money to me fast. Hopefully this year will be no different and I will awake in the morning to find the money in my account.

Hopefully we'll start to hear good news from others who have received the money into their accounts already. Otherwise it's going to be a long weekend.

*EDIT: Looks like as of 1:44AM, Metabank (TurboTax), received my direct deposit from the IRS. Now they are "processing" my money and sending it my way "within 1 - 2 days". I hope this doesn't mean my money isn't coming until Monday. I have a feeling my bank would ensure money from the IRS shows right away, but doubt "MetaBank" has the same preferred treatement.

*** It's 6:05AM and my bank shows my direct deposit pending. So we're good! The tax god works in mysterious ways (just kidding btw, everyone knows there's only one God and the IRS has most definitely been cast out of His kingdom).

YAY!!! o/

Amy W
Its up to the bank....the first lady is wrong..it will NOTtake til tuesday...99% of the time..it will be the same day. Heck..sometimes sooner....but dont count on it.

Lili Porter
I just checked my account and it shows pending with an expiration date of 1/29. I have no idea if that means it will be available tomorrow or Fri. In the past they have released IRS funds early. We will see.

I just got off the phone with my bank and they said it shows up but will show in my account tomorrow night at midnight

Every time I have received a direct deposit on a Friday with the IRS, the money shows up in my account by 6AM Friday morning, sometimes by 4AM. It should post to your account Friday morning, ours always has, can't understand why some people on here are saying that it won't post until the following Monday or they have to wait several more days. If you don't see it in your account on Friday, call your bank and see if it is "pending" at least, then you will know it will post by midnight. When the IRS website says I am getting a direct deposit on a specific day, it has always been there on that exact day by 6AM.

Angela W
The IRS deposits it very early Friday morning, sometimes at midnight. When it shows up depends on ur bank. Sometimes it can be like 3 in the morning on Friday or 3 in the afternoon. However, some banks do not release the funds to their customers for up to three days. Hopefully for you, it will be early that day. Good luck

tomorrow at midnight! i have been using bank of america for years and they always post my deposit from irs that day by 6 am. citibank does as well i dont know about other banks! no one can say that they know for a fact that you wont see it till next week. it depends on your bank!

It really all depends on the bank. I have had mine be posted the same day as it was dd before so it is not always several days. Plus sometimes the irs sends it a day or 2 earlier so that it posts by fri....all you can do is wait and see. I need mine by fri too but all I can do is wait and pray.

mine is shown as pending in my bank account to post thursday night and be available friday morning, so your bank could very well already have it just wont post it until Friday morning. We have a credit union and our paychecks and everything always say pending pretty early! good luck! Hope ya get it by the time ya need it! You can always call the bank tomorrow and get a for sure answer!...

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