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IRS Refund delay reference 1121?
Did anyone get a very rude response when you called the IRS about the delay and were told that it was pulled for questionable items and someone would contact you in 45 days?

lisa g
I didnt get a rude response but I got no help or answers- I was just told my was delayed as others were - My return was e filed and accepted on the 20th of jan - they didnt have an answer as to why it was delayed still - Its very frustrating and it seems no one can help you - THEN they tell me that if it doesnt get deposited by next week I will probably get a letter ??!!

The last time I spoke with the IRS ( tuesday) I was told that my refund was schelduled to be deposited on 2-16-06, Friday. Mine was originally accepted on 1-18-07 and was suppose to be direct deposited on 1-26-07. I was one of the unfortunate individuals who received the 1121 code. I checked the website this moring and am not receiving the code 1201. Don't acutally know what this means but I am hoping for the best! No one said anything about waiting 45 days, and OMG I don't even like the sound of that ! Good Luck to everyone having this issue. The IRS has no problem taking our money, but they surely have difficulties giving you back what is rightfully yours.

No that did not happen to me, but a couple of years ago we got a delay code so I called to talk to someone-who seemed like they were trying to be helpful-but all they could say is that one of the social security numbers could of been entered wrong, and would not give me anything specific but I do remember thinking it would take a long time to get our refund, but we ended up getting it about 10 days to 2 weeks later. So it may not take that long so don't loose hope! Just keep checking the IRS refund website each week to see if they updated your status.

Due to some last minute Tax law changes by Congress, and added review of returns claiming the Earned Income Credit there is a delay in issueing refunds If you were told that it could be 45 days then your return has been pulled for review

To check the status of your refund call 1-800-829-1954 or go to
the Where's My Refund site http://www.irs.gov/individuals/article/0...

That's the standard answer from the IRS. It's not a matter of being rude, it's just how things are over there. Your return has been pulled aside for some reason (incorrect social security numbers on return and questions regarding dependents are the most common). You should receive written notification from the IRS (within 45 days, sorry) that will indicate exactly why your refund is being held up.

Sorry I don't have better news for you!

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