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 How much will I get back in taxes this year?
I am a single person and made about $45,000 this year. How much should I get back for my tax refund? I am claiming 1 and had about $9,000 taken out for taxes....

 How can I file my taxes for the year of 2005? Online?
Can I file my 2005 taxes online or do I have to do it old school?...

 Do you know any free tax filing on the web?

 My FAFSA EFC didn't come back so hot, what should I do?
My parents have a lot of assets so my EFC came back really high, like 27000 something. However, the mortgage on those assets are huge, and I was wondering if there was any way to tweak the numbers ...

 I received a W2 from a former employer for wages earned in 2005, is this W2 valid?
When I questions my former employer they said. "wages were earned in 2005 but you received the check in 2006". "That's the way we've always done it." I believe this ...

 How much will I owe in Capital Gain?
If I sell my home for a profit of $67,000.00 after living in it for one year with a household income of $75,000.00, how much will I have to pay in capital gain in Washington?...

 Income Tax dependant question?
My ex and I have a problem with who should claim our 2 kids they both live with me and my boyfriend which is thier cousin it sounds gross but I am not blood to him and they did not grow up together ...

 Has anyone used hrblock.com to file their taxes online?
Is it pretty simple and do they take payment from your return or do you pay online?...

 your opinions on H and R block?

 minimum retirement age to receive social security benefits?

 Been abroad yrs, no taxes filed. Now in US, want to work, earn & file. What shd I do re previous years? Thx.?
I have been living abroad since the 80s except for 18 months in TX in 1990s. Stopped filing US taxes in 80s. Now back in US. Would like to work and file but what will consequences be? How do I get my ...

 taxable interst?

 Anyone use H&R Block TaxCut software and e-file w/ Simple Pay?
So, we did our taxes with the TaxCut software from H&R Block. The return has been processed and according to the IRS website, should be deposited in our account tomorrow.

My ...

 How do I find out what is going on with my 05 Tax returns?
I never got a chance to do my 2005 tax returns so I did them this year with my 06 taxes. Well It has not been 5 weeks and I have heard nothing. It has not even been send back for mistakes. What ...

 social security benefits?
can i collect my ex husbands social security benefits at age
62 and still work full time, married 37 ...

 Any Free tax Filing online for Single Married Couples?

 i'm on disability. What can i look to deduct for expenses? ie diet etc.?
i Pay a lot of extra cash for the food buy as i'm diabetic and have allergies thoyugh not the reason i'm on disability bt the3 food costs are a direct resultr of the diet i'm on./ Any ...

 What are the tax and national insurance brackets in the UK?
How much do you have to earn before your are charged a rate of tax and N.I.?


 I was wondering if anyone could help me find out what i could write off for this year's taxes !!?
im just turning 20 years old and this will be my first year to pay taxes ! im in real estate so i dont have taxes taken out of my checks!!! so i know im going to owe!! so any help with what all i can ...

 Filing Taxes Alone?
I lived with my parents until May of 2006. After I moved out, we stopped talking. This year, when filing my taxes, can they claim me as a dependent? On the question on the form about whether or ...

Can you claim a deceased parent as a dependent in the year of death?

I believe you can if they were alive for more than 6 months of the year. Also, sorry for your loss.

YOU: Have to make sure that the time duration of the deceased was less than 6 months during the year since the death.

Sweet Mamacita
Yes, if they were alive for the better part of the year.

woolly worm

Yes, you can claim a deceased parent if they were your dependent at the time of death, even if they passed away on January 3rd. (If they had continued to live, would they still have qualified as your dependent?)

You will need to provide a copy of the death certificate with the return, one for fed, one for state, and one for local if you live in an area with state/local tax.

If they were your dependent at time of death then you should be able to claim them. Refer to IRS Pub17 for more info. I believe you have to indicate they are deceased on the tax return. Good luck

Bostonian In MO
If the person was otherwise eligible to be claimed as a dependent, yes you may claim them.

Contrary to what others have incorrectly stated, there is no time limit that they must have been alive. For example, if you had a child who was born alive but died moments after birth you would claim them as a dependent for the entire year. Or if a child or other dependent died 2 seconds after midnight on New Year's Day, they would be your dependent for the entire year.

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