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 How do I deal with a noisy rental house next door?
The house next door to me has now been repeatedly rented to noisy college kids and rock bands. I have tried contacting the landlord and nothing has been done. Are there legal options to pursue? I&#...

 We want to move out, but we don't have the money?
I moved away from my home so I could be closer to my long-distance boyfriend of nearly five years. We are currently both sharing a room at his parents' house. There really is no problem other ...

 Are there any risks in purchasing a foreclosed home from a sheriff's sale?
You know how you always see those houses that are super cheap because they were foreclosed on. Is there any risk in buying one?...

 How long can seamen live in condos?

 OUr lease on our apt is up June 3rd. We have another home lined up to move in. They apt complex says we need t?
need to give a 60 day notice, why if our lease is up in June and we don't wish to renew. What can happen if we just let them know we are leaving June 1...

 what is the housing program?
How does it help families?
Additional Details
housing like section 8 or ...

 My mortgage company says my deed of trust was never recorded. Now what?
I purchased my home in 2004. The mortgage company just sent a Fed Ex package which is my "purchase Money Deed of Trust." They are saying it was never recorded and needs to be signed by me....

 Where can I get a mortgage to buy a property in Jamaica?
I would like to find a provider in the UK....

 if my husband declared himself bankrupt would it affect our house even if the house was just in my name only?
thanks ...

 Help! Can apartment manager charge outrageous amounts for month to month lease?
I'm in Texas and my lease is up for renewal and I am not renewing my lease, but I need to do a month to month for one month. In their offer they offered a 12month lease for $638 and month to ...

 buying a modular home, and a piece of land, what should I know about this process?

 sharemarket tips for intraday and short term?

 HOA's and pitbulls????????
My husband and I are relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico and would like to buy a townhome or condo. We have a Pitbull mix, and I was wondering if anyone knows of Home Owner Associations that allow ...

 How can I live in the Adirondacks?
I would have to find an apartment and a job. Both seem to be difficult to find on-line. Does anyone live in the region now? Anyone know what jobs are popular in these mountains? How expensive ...

 are service dogs seen as pets or property in an apartment?
an apartment allows only two dogs as pets. lets say i have two pet dogs, but i am in need of a trained service dog for my disability would that service dog be seen as another pet dog bringing me to a ...

 Property line question...does anyone know?
My son & his wife bought a home in January. They are wanting to fence in the back yard, but survey was not required & the metal pins are not there. I know there is a county division that ...

 Housing benefit inspection.. what does this involve?
I am a single parent and ive been claiming housing benefit for almost a year now. I have always kept them informed of every single change, but today i received a letter in the post telling me that an ...

 how was the first phase of canton fair 2010?
Any Mumbaite visited during the first phase of Canton Fair I wish to contact such ...

 They're gonna raise my rent by 12% for the next year.......even though inflation is 0%?
My 1 yr lease just expired......

Even though inflation is 0%.............they're gonna raise my rent by 12%.

but I only lived there one year.
People tell me that it...

 What does 'Sale Proceeding' on a house mean exactly?
Basically can I still put in an offer for a house when it's classed as this? Would the estate be legally able to accept my bid if it was higher than the current one?...

does a new landlord have to honor my old lease?
I rent an apartment unit in a house and have a 2 year lease with my current landlord (I just signed it 2 months ago). My landlord recently put the house up for sale. When a new person buys it, does the new owner have to honor my lease with the prior landlord, or will the lease become void since the new owner did not create the lease? Thanks!
Additional Details
Classy Granny... I think your answer would only apply if I did NOT have a lease and I was a month to month tenant. I've researched this a little further and I am fairly certain that a new owner will have to honor my lease or we will havet to mutually agree to break the lease and start a new one or become month to month.


Classy Granny
No. If the new owner wants to live in the apartment you will be given 30 days to relocate.

Unless your lease states otherwise....Yes, the new owner must honor your current lease.

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