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 My debit card is WANTED?
ok so i had direct tv and got it deactivated but what they failed to tell me was that when you deactivated there service you have to pay 200$!! and they dont let you just up and give them the money, ...

 IF i have 60 on my debit card, how far can i over draft it?
im going to be getting 60-100 dollars this friday, i need to buy something that costs 230 on sunday. I have a current balance of 0.01, would this transaction go through? what if i ran it as credit?<...

 do you think this is sensable?
my husband and I are looking at selling our house and building a new home for our growing family, we have a private debt of about $50 000 and can get a block of land for $25 000, we have found a ...

 How long can you not pay utilities before they get turned off?
I have fallen on really hard times for maybe 2 mo. I am worried i will not be able to pay all my bills. I have never paid anything late so i don't know how it works. I would be able to get ...

 I Feel "Poor" For My Age, Well Am I?
I am 19 years old. I used to have $4,000 but I had to pay for 2 semesters of school on my own. Currently I made it back to $1,500 dollars and yet I still feel I don't have a lot of money for my ...

 OK. I've read just about everything there is to read about reverse mortgage...?
it's pros and cons, tips and pitfalls and what to look out for. So I've decided to go for it. The website explains everything except what to do first. Who do I contact first? and what can I ...

 Would I qualify for unemployment benefits?
I have been working at my temp agency for one company for over a year and a half and have never once been told anything about any problems they had with my attendance. Any time I was sick I called in ...

 Green Dot Walmart Scam?
I received a letter from Green Dot titled "unclaimed property due diligence Notification". The letter says that I have a Walmart gift card or money card with a balance of $85 that has been ...

 what can i sell in mexico to make good money?

 how long is a social security #?

 I have a contract signed in October 30, I have not closed yet. Am i eligible to receive the 8000.00 credit if?
i close by August the 10, 2010...

 in the UK what is the percentage of employed people on minimum wage?

 How to earn money for 12 year olds?
Please help i am very willing to work.
Its not that i cant work for my parents just they struggle themelves with money.
Please dont mention baby sitting or lemonaid stands or dog walking or ...

 How much does the average family save?
After taxes and not trough work pension plans if they have one?...

 Do any countries offer absolute banking privacy, i.e., do not disclose account info to anyone?

 the more money you earn, the higher %of your net annual income you must pay to the governments? is it fair?.?

 can i keep my current full time job and apply early retirement at age of 62?
can i keep my current full time job and apply my early retirement at age of 62 and a ...

 About how much money is normal for back to school shopping?
How much money would you spend for back to school shopping?
Additional Details
i mean ...

 What happens when you are in debt and 100% homeless?
What happens when you can't pay something off like a bill or taxes and you sold everything you have including your house? Will the US government give you some slack and help you? Or will they ...

what is the minimum that my son should be payed in victoria, australia. ps he works at a fast food ...

how much should i save every two weeks to get a thousand dollars in a month?
i am trying to save for my first car =]
Additional Details
well no its not a trick question...as you see im saveing for my first car so im not makeing 500 dollars a week...read corect it says every two weeks

There are four weeks in a month.

If you get paid every two weeks, that's two paydays a month.

If you want a thousand dollars in two paydays, that's $500 per payday.

If you can't do this math yourself, are you sure you're old enough to have a license?

$1000 a month = $12000 a year
There are 52 weeks in the year.
$12000 / 52 = $230.77
So every two weeks you would need to save:

$230.77 x 2 = $461.54

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