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 My question about the stock market?
CBS (CBS 16.17, -0.04, -0.22%) is expected to report earnings of 5 cents a share in the first quarter, according to analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters.

What does this mean? Does ...

 Is Silver priced too high based on this current time of deflation?

 What is the future value of $3000 dollars at 5% compounded semiannual interest for 7 years?
Its a tricky one.

Principal of 3000 dollars, compounded interest SEMIannually at 5% for 7 years.

Also if you could show me the method you used to find out the value of 3000 ...

 Crowns issued 30,00 shares of $5 par value common stock for $14 per share what is the journal entry for this?

 How much money do you make casually trading stocks online?
I don't know to much about it, but am hoping to start trading with 4-5 hundred bucks on this online account where it is 5 bucks a trade. Is there chance to make some actual money if I read the ...

 why trading is halted for Intermune ITMN?
Trading for the stock Intermune have been halted but I am not able to find any reason as to ...

 What can I do with ÂŁ500?
Hey there,

After a lot of hard work, I've managed to make ÂŁ1,000. I gave half of it to charity but I still have the other half.

I want to make more money using the money I ...

 How would you make money off 30grand at age 24?
Im 24 and recently won around 30 in an online poker tourn. I am looking for ways to make more money off of it without gambling. That was the best $250 investment ever but I need a better way to make ...

 How do you win money in the stock market?
Hi people, can anyone tell me what counters do you normally buy? Do you buy put/calls? indices? blue chips? or penny stocks?
Do you contra? Do you range trade?

How do you earn your ...

 Can I trust Fwigateway.com for investment?
This is an Internet company for investing. located in Panama....

 what is the equitey shares?

 are all of these money making penny stocks sites real or fake?
well these are suggestions some people gave me....and i am wondering if they are real or fake...or if their is really a good one to look into....thanks
Additional Details

 I asked if anyone had any experience with the Penny Stock Prophet Newsletter?
I also said I only wanted to hear from people who were actually in the program.

But of course that didn't stop bozos from promoting scams of their own and offering their ignorant ...

 i have 25000 i want to invest, but where i can get returns in 3 to 6 months?

 I need to invest in something online other than stocks and financial products?
Hi there.

I have a little surplus cash that I would like to invest online. I have been playing around with stocks, shares and derivates but as interesting as that is I reckon there might ...

 How can I buy a branch of a big company?
How can I buy a branch of a big company? Example like Mobil Gas or Shell or like have my product represented by a big company if I am not a celebrity or designer?...

 what stocks are lookin good for the next few days im doin a class project and we have 100,000USD to spend.?
any ideas ive been lookin and i cant figure out what to get. i chose one stock and it wasnt that good of a buy i am currently down some cash. someone plz help. whoever gives me a good stock 2 put ...

 (Present value) What is the present value of the following future amounts?
a. $800 to be received 10 years from now discounted back to the present at 10 percent

b. $300 to be received 5 years from now discounted back to the present at 5 percent


 To have a brokerage account with E Trade...?
Do i have to have a minimum deposit of 500 dollars? I am new to investing as well and all I am doing is buying shares at limit prices. Its about the only thing I understand how to do. How would ...

 calculate beta if required rate of return is 3%, risk free rate is 6% and risk premium is 4%?

Zak J
Yield to maturity problem?
Heymann Company bonds have 4
years left to maturity. Interest is paid annually, and
the bonds have a $1,000 par value and a coupon rate of
9 percent.
a. What is the yield to maturity at a current market
price of (1) $829 or (2) $1,104?
b. Would you pay $829 for each bond if you thought
that a “fair” market interest rate for such bonds was
12 percent—that is, if rd = 12 percent? Explain your


P.S. I have a problem with question b. Question a. is solved
For (1) $829, I find: I/Y: 14.9881%

Bond Dog
Yes, you would pay $829 for the bond if the "fair market interest rate" is 12%. At $829, your yield is 14.988%. If the fair yield is 12%, then at a price of $829 you're getting an "extra" 2.988% of yield (14.988-12). So you're getting a bargain.

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