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 I have a question about inheriting from an IRA...?
My mom made my brother the beneficiary on her IRA. There was about 25K in the account. Is there any way he can get the money without paying taxes (or having it considered income ) now. He's 60 ...

 one half ounc proof gold bullion coin 25 dollar coin 1994 with certificate, is it worth face value or more?

 At my age, can I get stock?
I'm 14 and I live in England, I was wondering whether I could buy stock at my age and if so where from?
I'm very new to the whole stock and I just barely understand it.., I want to ...

 As a practical matter what happened in the market yesterday, May 6, 2010?
I understand that the NYSE has "circuit breakers" to halt excessive trading now, but I'd like to hear from someone in the industry what malfunctioned and what these smaller trading ...

 Can i trust this website?
I have recently found a site called toywiz.com. I have never ordered from it before and was wondering if i can trust it. I looked it up but m computer has nanny ware so most reviews are blocked. I am ...

 Was there a stock market crash?
My grandma's friend said there was.
My mom doesn't think it happen 'cause on the news she only hears about oil, not a stock crash.

I think she said it happened this ...

 what connection is one required in starting an oil company?

 what does a point in the stock market represent?

 Exchange Rates? - Gold Bars?
Explain why apartments rent for different prices around the world while gold bars sell for the same price (measured in a common currency)....

 Project B requires an investment now of ¬£50,000 and will pay back ¬£80,000 at the end of two years.?
Project B requires an investment now of £50,000 and will pay back £80,000 at the end of two years.
Find the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for each of these projects and then explain what ...

 Is this a good time to enter mutual funds?
I see that the European market has been thrown into confusion because of the Greece economic meltdown. However, it seems like the problem is contained within the Euro market and unlikely to have a ...

 2010 AAPL stock quotes, 2010 AAPL stock prices, 2010 AAPL stock charts, 2010 AAPL stock split ?
I am searching the web in order to find new stuff and I am getting the same 2009 (old) info.

Does AAPL stock split soon?
What is the current AAPL share price?
How do you think AAP...

 Does anyone know what happened to buyabeercompany.com?
Was it really just a scam?...

 Is it true what I heard today about the fall of the Mexican Peso?
Do you think the Peso will sink to an exchange of 25-30 for $1 American?
What is this going to do to the remaining American Jobs?...

 will the stock market bounce today? or crash?
friday 5/7/2010
Additional Details
by July 4th will DOW fall under 9000...

 Can we invest on Gold?
I want to invest in a small amount. Is it correct to invest on Gold? Which is the right time to buy Gold? Can we assume the right time to buy Gold?...

 Would you guys reccomend investing in FAS or any ETF traded stock?
Should I buy it tonight because tomorrow everything will hopefully rally. My broker is recommending going for it....

 whats are SOME good stock to invest in for 2 weeks?
ok so i have an assignment in school and on monday i have to choose a stock to invest in for 2 weeks. for the sake of the assignment i have 1000 dollar limit to spend on shares. who ever earns the ...

 Shortest amount of time to own stock? Is there such a thing as selling too soon?
What's the shortest amount of time to own regular stock?

For example, I buy 10 shares of stock from one company at 10AM, and the stock goes up 10 points in two hours. Can I sell it or ...

 Does this investment provide a satisfactory rate of return to investors?
what calculations would i need to answer this question?
and once i found the answers, how would i determine whether its satisfactory or not?
Additional Details
oh sorry about that.. ...

music = ‚ô•
What are the major disadvantages of making a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?
Like for example if Greece (or any other country) makes a deal with the IMF. Thank-you.
Additional Details
I know there are advantages but I need disadvantages (if there are any). Like for instance will they get screwed by having people come in and "influence" their budget and all. ty

What disadvantages? They are getting money and IMF doesn't really have a say in their policies because the ECB does. They can help with restructuring plan.

It depends on your point of view.

The IMF typically demands an austerity budget, less public spending. Very often this results in a low or even negative growth rate. For the government, this removes a lot of policy choices, especially some that are popular with voters.

Greece is likely to experience several years of negative growth. The standard of living is going to drop especially for public sector workers. It is easy to argue that these workers have been overpaid in the past given the vast deficits and debt Greece took on in order to pay them.

If I was an average Greek taxpayer, I'd be thrilled that bloated gov spending was finally being brought under control. If I was a Greek gov worker, I'd be angry that someone stopped my party. Politicians are going to be forced to make tough financially responsible decisions.

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