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Sister Margaret
Do you think that immigration has anything to do with the fall of the stock market?
Anti-immigration sentiment was codified in a series of measures, culminating in the Immigration Quota Law of 1924 and a 1929 act. These laws limited the annual number of immigrants to 150,000, to be distributed among peoples of various nationalities in proportion to the number of their compatriots already in the United States in 1920. One result of these restrictions was to reduce the appeal of nativist organizations; the Great Depression of the 1930s also caused a sharp drop in immigration.

Now that the US is not doing well, will we see a drop in immigration? We did after the 1929 Crash.

Almost a quarter of all new homeowners 10 years ago never even made their first mortgage payment. Many refinanced. Sometimes many times at once and returned to their homeland with more money to live comfortably for life.


Happy Enzyme
Up until the current stock market melt down there was a surge of foreign stock brokers immigrating into our country. Many pretended to be gardeners and landscapers.

I assure you that this time, the Irish had nothing to do with it!

The Shoe In Your Face
I don't quite understand your question.
The last paragraph is very unclear. Do you mean that 10 years ago large numbers of immigrants somehow bought houses and never made a payment? This sounds a little strange and unlikely.

But what is causing the stock market to crash has nothing to do with immigration. This is caused by banks and other lending institutions getting too greedy and screwing up the financial markets. The stock market is reacting to this as well the fact that the consumer is out of credit lines on the house, no savings and high credit card debt.

Helen the Hellion
In these last several years when loaners would finance anybody, no need to state income just sign on the dotted line, I'm pretty sure there were tons of illegal immigrants buying up houses that they couldn't afford. I've been doing a lot of house hunting this past year, made offers on 3, and found that all 3, plus others I'd considered, were owned by Latinos and are now in foreclosure. So I'm sure these people have had a huge impact.

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