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 How to recognize trends in the EUR/USD exchange rate?
How do you predict or recognize if the trend in the EUR/USD exchange rate is continuing in the same direction as the last few months or if the trend in changing in the opposite direction?...

 what are mutual funds is Uk called?? are they called Investment Trusts?
i know mutual funds are openended and investment trusts are closed but I am trying to findd the performace of Mutual funds in Uk !!!!!!

Any help
Additional Details
i know what ...

 I was told that the worst thing I could to do is invest 30K in an annuity at 32 yo, Why?
I have recently met with a financial adv. and was encouraged to invest my inheritance in an variable rate annuity. When I spoke with another f.a. I was told that was the worst advice ever and I ...

 Could investors profit from the deepwater horizon disaster?
BP's share price has lost a quarter of its value and is now at 408.9, does this low share price make an opportunity to investors, as BP is likely to regain value and see profits from its global ...

 craigslist: small debacle...?
A lady comes over to check out our furniture. We had advertised the diningroom table for eleven hundred fifty. The lady is pleased with it looks it over for awhile and says she will send husband back ...

 is there an online bullion dealer that would let me finance a purchase of silver eagles?

 This option can't be right at all.?
Is it right if I found some stock options that are already paying. For example: a put option with $5 strike price that costs $.30 on a stock thats trading at $3.86. That would pay .84 instantly. H...

 Can you open a deposit account in England with an address and English pension?
I live most of my time in Ireland but spend time in E...

 I'm 20, what would be the best financial decision for my future?
As it says, i'm 20. I have a checking account and savings account both open and I have took out a loan to start building my credit. I don't want to open a CD again because the interest ...

 how much money is needed to invest in gold and crude oil?

 can someone help me with this little problem i have on etrade?
okay when i tried to buy something this little notice came up can someone tell me what it means

This order to purchase securities, if accepted and executed, will be paid for out of ...

 I want to invest in gold whether it is a right time to invest?today gold prise cross 19000 rs per 10 gram.?
can gold will cross 30000 per 10 gram in 2 years?if it is happened then bying gold will get difficult....

 Why is it too simplistic to singularly blame the stock market crash for the Great Depression?

 Who is consider as NRI?
i am indian passport holder and my partner is a british passport holder.i am in uk through settlement visa.can my partner apply for a nri loan.since he has married a indian he is consider as nri. AM I...

 How Intra Day Margin Trading Works?
Dear Experts,
I want to know about Intra Day Margin Trading,
Say, the share price is 100/- & I bought 10 shares with 30 % margin i.e. at 300/-, If the share price moved up to 110/- &...

 Does capital expenditure (CAPEX) include current investments ?
I have to analyze an annual statement of a certain company, i am calculating cash ratio , and apart from cash and cash equivalents, current investments are included, regarding which no figures are ...

 Best shares for newcomers to go into?
Im new to the stockmarket but understand a fair bit of it. What would be the best type of shares for me?
I'm looking more for high risk/high reward shares.
Im not looking to hold onto ...

 When calculating a firm's market value do you include retained earnings?

 Why did GOI increase minimum pubic holding to 25% and what would be its effect.?
I don't know anything about the stock market, but the entire weekend I've been hearing that the government has increased the minimum public holding to 25% from 10%. What could be the effect ...

 Can you bet on stocks like you do in sports betting?
Microsoft (MSFT) ended at $25.29 today. Are there services out there that will allow me to bet on MSFT's closing price tomorrow?

For example: Let's say I enter a deal where if M...

Are Santander shares a good investment?
I'm a bank account & shareholder at Santander in the UK. ( http://www.santandershareholder.co.uk/ )
I have recently received some literature offering me the opportunity to purchase additional shares, commission-free, via their Santander Account & Reinvestment plan. Could you advise on whether this Santander share purchase option would be a good investment opportunity in the current economic climate? I would be looking at this as a long term investment.

Many thanks.

The market has crashed once, and almost twice, just recently. Any bad news that comes out of Europe sends the market into turmoil. I would stay away from stocks as a whole and look at commodities.

In commodities you can go short something just as easy as you could go long something, making it an economically viable option.

the best thing would be to put it in in london stock exchange or yahoo shares and see what the average pricing is, if you look at yahoo shares it tells you the % of ups and downs in the year so you can get a look if they are down from a year ago then maybe a bad choice if they are up from a year ago maybe a good choice although they can rise and fall at any time, if they fall more than rise best not to invest

Compared to other international banks, Santander performed very well. Whether it will continue to do so in the future is a different matter. However, the economic climate at present and for the next 3/4 years in my opinion is gloomy.

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