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Fighting Healthcare Costs
Healthcare costs for small businesses continue to skyrocket across the board. And while big companies and small businesses continue to struggle to keep costs low, itís usually small businesses that get hit the hardest. Healthcare costs continue to rise, sometimes with double-digit increases every year. ...
Travel Insurance Basics
Most often travel insurance can be purchased when booking a trip with your travel agent or by purchasing travel insurance online. This insurance protection can give you some peace of mind when planning a major vacation, international trip, or a cruise. ...
Saving on Buyer Closing Costs
Your biggest hurdle may be your down payment when purchasing a home, but it's important to remember the closing costs. Often disregarded, closing costs can be an unwelcome surprise when finalizing your home purchaseóand more than likely they won't come cheap. ...
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Forum Posts

 Where can I find the best and affordable health insurance?
employer does not provide health insurance anymore. where can i find the best affordable health insurance that i pay for myself? ...

 Which Insurance companies have people had good experiences with?
For umbrella coverage?

For Home insurance?

For Auto insurance? (been driving 47 years, have yet to receive a ticket).
Additional Details
I've always been with S...

 does anyone want a free quote on auto insurance? provided by farmers insurance. s. california preferred.?

 A person who is on Medi-Cal is their life insurance confiscated if it is to be used for burial only?
I have a friend that is on Medi-Cal for medical reasons and she received a letter from them listing all assets at the time of her death would be given or taken to offset any monies paid by them ...

 Are left-handed people better at filling in insurance claims?
I met one once and thought she was very talented with regards to form completion, particularly of the insurance genre....

 What are the world's 3 largest employers?

 if i wanted to get a breast reduction with little work on getting my inurance to cover all costs because i am?
32f can they do it without me doing much, i chose these companies in texas:

1. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
2. UniCare
3. Golden Rule (United Healthcare)
4. Aetna
5. ...

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